17 July 2023

Special issues from the 12th International Conference

10 June 2023

2023 Distinguished Scholar Award

31 August 2022

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About Us

The Financial Engineering & Banking Society (FEBS) is a non-profit research society founded in 2010 in Greece, which aims at promoting financial engineering and banking research.

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The Financial Engineering & Banking Society

FEBS was founded in 2010 in Greece, aiming towards establishing itself as a worldwide research society that will promote the exchange of ideas, research results, and experiences among academics and professionsals working in all areas of financial engineering and banking. This will facilitate the understanding of financial engineering, improve the current practices in the banking industry, and support decision and policy makers in facing the increasing challenges and the opportunities in the global markets.

To achieve its goals, FEBS is supported through the publication of the International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management. The society also organizes conferences on a regular basis, which provide a unique forum to researchers and practitioners to discuss issues and exchange ideas on various topics of wide interest to financial engineering and banking. During the conferences, key policy makers and professionals participate in special panel sessions, which greatly facilitate the discussion of important timely issues.

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